Next Time – Friday 28th Dec. 2018

21 11 2016

tubey xmas 2018

It’s the 35th Tube Crawl since our inaugural attempt on June 4th 1986.  Kicking off about noon on Friday 28th December at Times Square.


Team Fotie 2012

29 12 2012

Another enjoyable year, no casualty visits.  Laureiston remains as ever a fine favourite pub with the landlord on hand to take the team fotie.


The Happy Man

29 12 2012


Route change makes Gerry a happy man.  After years of habit visiting the underwhelming Partick Tavern. The bhoys in the group used there new powers and forced a shift over to the Dolphin.

Que grin el’Gerado

Route change via Belly Busters

5 01 2010

This years #09 Shields Road route change to ‘The Old Toll Bar’ was a marvellous plan.  Not only was the bar a very pleasant Olde World Inn hostelry, it turns out that the aromatic route proved irresistable.

Looks like the walk is destined to be punctuated by a life saving gut busting curry hoose calorific top up.

Never heard Homer of the north ever say ‘eatin’s’cheatin!’


….. Kabana time

Captain gets his gal

1 12 2009

From the tubey historical archives ………Sterling-Silver-Kissing-Boy-And-Girl-Silhouette

The captain’s romantic powers are well hidden, but after completing another successful mighty tubey back in the early 90’s he became George Clooney on heat and going for it, big time.

The lucky lass was swept willingly off her feet and cupids mighty arrow hit the bullseye.

Must confess post-tubey public snoggings are fairly rare these days even amongst the lads.  So keep yer wit’s oan yae or it’ll be wedding bells, wains and eternal happiness, all included in the price of (life discovery ticket) courtesy of SPT and Scottish ‘heavy’ bevy.

snog_no_tonguesAlways great to regale the details of events leading up to that romantic public snog and life-time of happiness.

For the rest us, as Gerry says, no tongues please.

Honours III RIP

25 11 2009

Our undercover reconnaissance officer the Jegster has noticed aghast that the Honours III is closed and has opened as a swish (for the sou’side) Italian style eatery called Mimmo’s.

My call (the winner) is to do ‘The Old Toll Bar on Paisley Road which says the immortal words “all day food”.  Google Maps says it’s an extra 200m tramp beyond the previous distance to the H3 (700m each way, but it’s early in the day!).

A new contender en-route is ‘The Stanley Bar’

In the interests of democracy here’s a poll……

Promotional materials, handouts, maps and powerpoints to be updated after poll closure. Poll result in favour of OLD TOLL BAR

For those of you who wish to delve deeper into the rich historical tapestry of Glasgow’s history, here is a link unravelling the mysteries of the pub closure.

Love on the tube

13 11 2009

gretna_green_anvil_weddingThe tube-crawl is a well-known matchmatcher as our ready to tie-the-knot regular tube-couple can testify.

Most tubers like to recharge there emotional batteries with a day apart from the loved one, returning to appreciate the specialness of the chosen one, however, some just can’t bear to be apart, that’s when they’re called girlfriends, ahhhhh.

baby_dummy_blueBest wishes for the future but just remember, to plan the conception calender, don’t want any new birthdays putting a spoke in the tube-wheels!